Entrepreneurial Culture - Girl Power Talk

From day one, we encourage our young leaders to think big.

We have deliberately built an entrepreneurial culture at Girl Power Talk that empowers every person in our organization. Having an entrepreneurial mind-set means much more than just being creative. It means courageously seeking out new challenges, finding bold new ways to provide more value to others, being tenacious enough to learn from failure, and working toward a meaningful and ambitious vision. It extends far beyond simply making money, and we teach this mind-set to every new young leader who comes through our door.

Being a team of independent thinkers with a strong vision has made us more impactful in terms of both the business value we provide our clients and the effect we have on society. As our company grows, our ability to create positive social change will remain important to us and will be an integral measure of our success.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

To think like entrepreneurs, we need a nontraditional work environment.

We reject the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in young people, especially before they become established in their careers and subsequently compartmentalized. Thinking outside the box is much easier when one has never experienced the box.

Everyone at Girl Power Talk is free to engage in experiential learning outside the confines of the traditional department structure that defines most work cultures. Young leaders can explore interests across the various functions of our company to see where and how their talents blossom.

We don’t have the traditional manager-subordinate style hierarchy at Girl Power Talk. We use the term “young leaders” to describe our team members because everyone is an equal, and each person’s voice and creative approach carry the same weight.

Being a courageous and creative team member has its rewards.

As part of our mission to imbue our young leaders with an entrepreneurial mind-set, we encourage them to take risks and solve problems from all angles. We trust them to make decisions on behalf of the company because we know that is how true innovation works and how leaders lead. They then impart these same skills to others. In that sense, Girl Power Talk can be said to foster intrapreneurs: employees within the organization who are responsible for preparing others to innovate.

We aim to give each young leader compelling reasons for taking ownership of their work and the Girl Power Talk mission. Their intrinsic motivation makes Girl Power Talk successful, and that success is reinforced by extrinsic rewards. Our unique profit-sharing business model that rewards diligence and performance is testament to that.

We offer transformational opportunities fueled by an entrepreneurial mind-set.

We don’t have a monopoly on courageous, tenacious, driven, and resourceful human beings. In fact, the more people we can empower with these qualities, the more equitable a place our world will be.

As part of Girl Power Talk’s social mission, we teach entrepreneurial skills to anyone in our community who might profit from them. In India, women often benefit the most from learning these skills because having them opens up new channels through which women can achieve the independence that society has long denied them. We want to facilitate this kind of progress, one woman and one girl at a time.

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